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Under the Headlines

HNS2017small@2xWhether you are a lover of historical novels or just someone who happens to write them, it would be hard not to be impressed with this year’s line-up of guest speakers and attendees at the annual HNS Conference in Portland (#HNS2017)


The guest of honor, Geraldine Brooks, is one of my all-time favorite writers. Before she was a Pulitzer Prize winning novelist for her second work of fiction, March, she was a brilliant international correspondent for the Wall Street Journal and author of Nine Parts of Desire: The Hidden life of Islamic Women, written twenty years ago but still relevant today. The other guest of honor David Ebershoff, perhaps best known for his novel The Danish Girl, also has a biography that would knock your socks off – not only is he an award-winning novelist in his own right, but also the distinguished editor of multiple New York Times bestsellers. One could not be blamed for having an acute attack of “Fan-itis” amidst such luminaries. As my stepson used to say whenever at a loss for words, “You hadda be there.”


The top line take-away for me was Gratitude. Continue reading Under the Headlines