Medieval Miscellany

Life in Medieval Europe may have been “nasty, brutish and short” but dull it was not, at least judging by some of these pictures which for obvious reasons did not make the cut for my Pilgrimage Blog.  Still you have only to read Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales to know what some of those worthy folk got up to! Just sayin’ . . . So here are some of the more colorful expressions of life in the Middle Ages.

Always a favorite target of Medieval humor – a Monk up to no good!

 “Un ménage a trios” – or three’s a crowd!
 Really, can’t you see there’s only room for two?

 And I’m telling you we can’t afford it!

 “God Bless Mummy, I know that’s right … And wasn’t it fun in the bath tonight?”!

 “Out damned spot”

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