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Post Mortem – The Challenges of Field Research

L’aventurier! Le musée est fermé.

Since this blog is being written several weeks after my return from my research trip through France and Belgium, it probably qualifies as “emotions recollected in tranquility” – to borrow Wordsworth’s famous definition of poetic creations. Well perhaps there wasn’t too much poetry involved, but emotions, yes. These kicked in mostly in the form of anger, frustration, exasperation, and even occasionally humor.

But just to bring these matters to some closure, I thought I might indulge in a little post-mortem on the subject of field research – a caveat to others who might be tempted to fork out their hard-earned money in pursuit of first hand experience in Europe. (I cannot yet speak for research in other parts of the world, but imagine that things are not going to improve as I follow my Crusader across Eastern Europe and Asia Minor, not to mention what might be involved in the mysterious journey of the Shroud itself – stay tuned.)

So here are a few conclusions I have drawn based on my experiences over the past few weeks. Continue reading Post Mortem – The Challenges of Field Research